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Kraft Heinz Shares 2021 Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report and 2025 Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Aspirations Business WireKraft Heinz Shares 2021 Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report and 2025 Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Aspirations Business Wire

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PITTSBURGH and CHICAGO—-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Kraft Heinz Company (Nasdaq : KHC) (“Kraft Heinz”) released its latest Environmental Social Governance (“ESG”) report along with its 2025 Diversity Inclusion and Belonging (“DI&B”) Aspirations. The report highlights the progress made by the Company in achieving these Aspirations as well as across the three ESG pillars of the Company: Healthy Living & Community Support; Environmental Stewardship; and Responsible Sourcing.

Miguel Patricio, Kraft Heinz CEO, stated that the 2021 ESG Report is a testament to the 38,000 global employees who went above-and-beyond to support each other in 2020. “We are committed in holding ourselves to a higher standard and stepping up to address the environmental and social challenges we face today as well as those ahead.

Progress across Key ESG Focus Areas

One of the highlights of Kraft Heinz’s progress in its three ESG pillars for 2020:

Kraft Heinz Stepping up to Support Communities: In 2020, Kraft Heinz donated more than $40 Million in financial and product donations to COVID-19 relief, food security, and other social justice causes around the world. This includes a $1million donation to support food programs in Black communities. It also includes My Block My Hood My City and the Second Harvest Heartland food bank, which is located in Minneapolis. Kraft Heinz has also partnered with organizations such as Rise Against Hunger and Heifer International to deliver more than 200 million meals worldwide in 2020. It is on track to reach its goal of delivering 1.5 Billion meals to those in greatest need by 2025.

Circular Packaging Design: Kraft Heinz made significant progress towards its goal of using 100% recyclable, compostable, and reusable packaging by 2025. This standard has been met by 83% of the Company’s global packaging through 2020. The Company’s 2020 innovations include a Maxwell House coffee pod that is 100% recyclable and compostable made from plant-based materials in Canada. Additionally, Loop has a partnership that allows select UK customers to buy Heinz Tomato Ketchup bottles with refillable packaging that is collected and cleaned after each use. The Company will launch its first 100% recyclable cap for Heinz Tomato Ketchup in 2021. In 2022, it will also release its first circular tomato sauce PET bottle to Europe.

Kraft Heinz’s Culture of Animal Welfare: Kraft Heinz fulfilled its commitment to laying welfare in 2020. The Company has set a goal to purchase only free-range eggs in Europe by the year’s end. As of 2020, 66% of the eggs the Company sourced were from cage-free farms or better. Kraft Heinz is on track for achieving its goal to source 100% cage-free eggs worldwide by 2025.

Kraft Heinz recognizes the danger posed by climate change and continues to work towards reducing its environmental footprint. The Company has set ambitious manufacturing targets for 2025 in 2020. Kraft Heinz has set new manufacturing targets for 2025. It aims to reduce water intensity by 20% in high risk watershed areas and 15% across its manufacturing plants. It also aims to decrease energy intensity by 15% and waste-to-landfill intensity by 20% across its manufacturing plants. The Company made significant progress in the first year of its journey towards all these goals, compared to the 2019 baselines. It reduced water intensity by 5.2% in high risk watersheds and 2.8% across its facilities. The Company also reduced energy intensity by 2.2%, GHG intensity, and waste-to-waste intensity by 6%.

Kraft Heinz has also renewed its commitment of setting a science-based goal by 2023 through the Science Based Targets initiative. This initiative is based on a 1.5 degree Celsius climate change threshold. Kraft Heinz also publicly disclosed all of its GHGs as part of this commitment. This was verified by a third party consulting firm.

2025 DI&B Aspirations

Kraft Heinz has shared its 2025 DI&B Aspirations to increase its commitment to diversity and inclusion. This includes expanding the diversity of its suppliers partners. These Aspirations are intended to increase the Company’s underrepresented talent and foster an inclusive company culture. Kraft Heinz’s Executive Leadership Team currently includes 30% women and 80% of those of color. The Company’s Board of Director members are 18% women, 36% of whom are people of color.

Patricio stated, “We want the voices in our Company to reflect our consumers as they innovate our products, create marketing campaigns, and partner with customers, suppliers, and partners.” “We can fully realize two of our Company Values by focusing on diversity, inclusion and belonging. We demand diversity and we are consumer obsessed. We have the scale and size to make a real impact.

The Company’s 2025 DI&B Goals include:

Global gender parity in management positions by 2025. This means that women will be represented at 50% to 37% of management positions.

The goal is to achieve demographic parity in all countries where Kraft Heinz has operations by 2025. The Company, for example, aims to have 30% of salaried employees in the United States by 2025, where more than half of its employees live and work. Currently, the population is 24%.

We strive to foster a culture where all employees feel included and feel part of Kraft Heinz.

Through a new Supplier Diversity Program, the Company is contributing to an inclusive economy. It began with U.S.-owned businesses that are majority owned by people of color and women, LGBTQ-plus people, people with disabilities, veterans, and people with disabilities. These certified businesses will have access to the necessary skills, tools, networks, and networks, which will allow them to become Kraft Heinz Suppliers. The program will initially be launched in the United States with the aim of expanding it worldwide.

More information on Kraft Heinz’s progress and commitments can be found in the 2021 ESG Report at

About Kraft Heinz Company

The Kraft Heinz Company (Nasdaq : KHC) is driving transformation. We are inspired by our Purpose, “Let’s Make Life Delicious”. All we do is focused on the consumer. We are committed to growing our iconic and new food and beverage brands globally with 2020 net sales of approximately $26 million. Kraft Heinz’s scale and agility allows us to unleash its full potential across six consumer-driven product platforms. We are committed to making a positive, sustainable impact on the world and feeding the world in responsible, healthy ways. Learn more about our journey by visiting or following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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