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Impact Investing Conference

ESG Investing

Allied Publishes Second Annual ESG Report  GlobeNewswireAllied Publishes Second Annual ESG Report  GlobeNewswire

Impact Investing Conference

Impact Investing Forum 2023

London. May 04-05, 2023.

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TORONTO, October 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE — Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (“Allied”) today announced that it has published its second annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG (Report) Report).
In 2018, Allied committed to submit formally to independent ESG scrutiny before 2020. The most important step was to obtain a GRESB real estate assessment and to submit an ESG Report. This was what Allied did in November/December last year. Allied’s GRESB score of 64 was recognized as a strong first-year showing. The assessment highlighted strengths and identified areas for improvement in Allied’s ESG practices. The second annual GRESB score of Allied was 80. This is a significant improvement over the initial assessment. Allied also completed its formal ESG Strategy in 2021. This strategy set goals and targets for Allied’s ESG priorities. Allied also aligned the Second Annual ESG Report (i) with the Global Reporting Initiative and (ii), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Real Estate Standard. The Third Annual ESG Report of Allied, due to be released in mid-2022 will also highlight Allied’s progress in adopting Task Force on Climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD). Allied’s Board and Management have committed to making Allied’s ESG approach more clear, deliberate and measurable. Allied believes that informed scrutiny will make it a more successful business. Formally submitting to ESG scrutiny is no exception. Visit to read the Second Annual ESG Report of Allied.

About Allied Allied is a leader in the development, management and ownership of distinctive urban workspaces in Canada’s major cities. Allied’s business involves providing knowledge-based organizations with unique urban environments for creativity, and connectivity. Michael Emory, President and CEO, can be reached for more information.

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Impact Investing Conference


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ESG Investing Conference

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