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Bloomberg to Offer Sustainalytics’ ESG Research and Ratings on the Bloomberg Terminal  PRNewswireBloomberg to Offer Sustainalytics’ ESG Research and Ratings on the Bloomberg Terminal  PRNewswireBloomberg to Offer Sustainalytics’ ESG Research and Ratings on the Bloomberg Terminal  PRNewswire

Impact Investing Forum 2023

London. Dec 05-06, 2023.

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NEW YORK, October 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bloomberg today announced Sustainalytics ESG Research and Ratings are now accessible via the Bloomberg Terminal. Investors have become more dependent on high-quality, detailed ESG information due to the increase in sustainable investing strategies in recent years. Bloomberg Terminal subscribers now have access to Sustainalytics ESG Research and Ratings, as well as the wider functionality of the Bloomberg Terminal. Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings allow investors to use material ESG insights for security selections, portfolio management activities and ESG integration. They also allow for engagement and voting activities. Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings combine management and exposure to calculate a quantitative rating that measures company-level ESG risks. This rating is expressed across a risk spectrum from severe, high, moderate, low, or negligible. Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings provide an absolute measure of company ESG risk. They are comparable for companies from different industries. Sustainalytics ESG Ratings can be used to supplement investor research. Patricia Torres, Global Head for Sustainable Finance Solutions at Bloomberg, stated that ESG data is in high demand because investors today need to have a complete picture of the potential ESG issues facing portfolio companies to meet regulatory requirements, meet client demands, and mitigate portfolio risks. We are pleased to expand our ESG coverage and offer Sustainalytics ESG data via Bloomberg Terminal, giving users access to high-quality research data and data. Shila Wattamwar (Executive Director of ESG Product Strategy at Sustainalytics) stated that Sustainalytics is pleased to offer its ESG research and ratings for Bloomberg Terminal users. Sustainalytics provides Bloomberg Terminal users with a forward-looking view of companies and a lens into how they manage these risks by focusing on ESG issues. Their users can rely on our consistent, transparent, and risk-based approach to meet their growing needs for ESG research and data. This will allow them to make better investment decisions. The Bloomberg Terminal also has Sustainalytics Controversies Reports and data on almost 18,000 companies. Investors can use the firm’s Controversies research to help identify companies involved in ESG-related incidents. Bloomberg Terminal subscribers have access to Sustainalytics Controversial Weapons Radar Research. This research shows companies’ involvement with the direct or indirect sale, manufacture, or support of controversial arms. Bloomberg offers a variety of sustainable finance solutions. These include data-driven insights that help investors integrate ESG into their investment process, standardize third-party ESG data, and standardize company-reported ESG data. These solutions include ESG news, research content, carbon estimates and indices. They also provide analytics and workflows that are specifically tailored for investors. Bloomberg Terminal subscribers can view Bloomberg’s ESG Solutions, which include Sustainalytics ESG Research and Ratings at BESG. Visit here for more information. Please visit this page to learn more about Sustainalytics ESG Research and Ratings. Bloomberg
Bloomberg, the global news and financial information leader, gives decision-makers a competitive edge by connecting them with a dynamic network that includes people, ideas, and information. The core of the Bloomberg Terminal is the company’s strength, delivering data, news, and analytics through innovative technology quickly and accurately. Bloomberg’s enterprise solutions are built on the company’s core strength, which is to leverage technology to enable customers to access, integrate and distribute data and information across organizations more efficiently. For more information, visit or request a demo. About Sustainalytics
Sustainalytics, a Morningstar Company, is a leading ESG research, ratings and data firm that supports investors around the world with the development and implementation of responsible investment strategies. For more than 25 years, the firm has been at the forefront of developing high-quality, innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of global investors. Today, Sustainalytics works with hundreds of the world’s leading asset managers and pension funds who incorporate ESG and corporate governance information and assessments into their investment processes. Sustainalytics also works with hundreds of companies and their financial intermediaries to help them consider sustainability in policies, practices and capital projects. With 17 offices globally, Sustainalytics has more than 1,100 staff members, including more than 400 analysts with varied multidisciplinary expertise across more than 40 industry groups. For more information, visit SOURCE Bloomberg Related Links

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ESG Investing Conference

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