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ATD releases ESG report, eyes sustainability Tire BusinessATD releases ESG report, eyes sustainability Tire Business

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HUNTERSVILLE (N.C.) — ATD is adopting ESG to be more G.R-E.E-N.
This is just the beginning.
American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD), released its first Environmental, Social, Governance, (ESG) Report in hopes of “assertingively leading the industry towards a better, more sustainable tomorrow.”
ATD stated that its environmental measures are focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030 and replacing fossil-based energy sources by renewable sources.
The company plans to increase its use of alternative-fuel vehicles, reduce its energy consumption, and increase recycling and repurposing materials across its North American fleet and distribution centres and Huntersville field support center.
Stuart Schuette, ATD President and CEO, stated that “our corporate vision is to help customers thrive and drive into future,”
“ESG is a key factor in business resilience. As a leader within the industry and tire-replacement ecosystem, we serve as an important and expeditious link between customers and manufacturers of all types.
ATD stated that the replacement tire industry has historically been less responsible for its community impact than other sectors. The company encourages other industry members to embrace ESG.
ATD’s ESG efforts began in 2017 when it created its Sustainability Committee. This committee consulted independent ESG and corporate governance research firm Sustainalytics in order to assess ATD’s ESG standing.
Sustainalytics gave ATD 140 out of nearly 13,000 companies, and fourth among 36 retail distribution companies that it studied in 2020, as its first report.
“The publication of our first ESG Report is an important milestone, not only for ATD but also for the wider automotive aftermarket industry,” Mr. Schuette stated. “Our sustainability initiatives have two main goals: to provide superior service and reduce our carbon footprint.
“By launching services to our manufacturing and retail partners that reduce the need for inefficient transport methods and reduce GHG impacts, our industry is setting a new standard. This will ultimately lead to improved results for all our industry partners.”
“We are still early in our sustainability goals but we aim for these ambitious targets and we expect to be well on the way to realizing sustainability in all its senses.”
ATD stated that it must first “understand and empower the human capital within the company” in order to realize its purpose, which is to help customers thrive and drive to the future. According to ATD, its social goal is “careers, culture, and the community.” This includes active engagement and support for the communities it serves.
ATD stated that good governance is a fundamental principle of ATD and encourages transparency, legal compliance, and ethical conduct. “ATD values a strong culture within the company that encourages trust, confidence, and ethical behavior between the company and its shareholders as well as its communities. This commitment is reinforced by training and firm accountability.
ATD connects suppliers and customers so the company can help its partner solve legacy problems, including environmental impacts, that could threaten the industry’s productivity and profitability, Mr. Schuette stated.
He stated that his goal was to make sure the company thrives in times of change, revolutionize our environment and continue to be a high-performance organization constantly striving for success.

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