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FCA Updates ESG Strategy And Says Adviser Rules On The Way – Todayuknews  TodayuknewsFCA Updates ESG Strategy And Says Adviser Rules On The Way – Todayuknews  TodayuknewsFCA Updates ESG Strategy And Says Adviser Rules On The Way – Todayuknews  Todayuknews

Impact Investing Conference

Impact Investing Forum 2022

London. April 28-29, 2022.

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The regulator stated that supporting the financial sector in achieving positive change was important. It also mentioned that the transition to net zero was important as the sector has an important role in adapting the economy to a more sustainable long term future. The watchdog also published a paper on sustainability disclosure requirements. It included information about rules for financial advisors that it would formalize in “due course”. The paper discussed how to establish rules for financial advisors, given their role in the investment chain. Related Articles Rolls-Royce’s nuclear plan to mine on Moon September 18, 2021 We reveal the most popular locations and the best deals for your autumn holiday 4 weeks ago “Building on existing rules, we consider it would be appropriate to confirm that advisers should consider sustainability matters in their investment advice and ensure their advice is suitable and reflects consumer sustainability-related needs and preferences. “We recognize that the EU has adopted this approach in introducing suitability standards for different types of financial markets participants. These were not onshored in Britain prior to the UK’s exit from the EU. The FCA stated that they welcome all views and considerations regarding this approach. The FCA is asking for feedback on sustainability disclosure requirements. Consumer demand and awareness ESG topics are high on the agenda. Without a strong regulatory foundation and adequate guardrails, there is a risk that the financial sector will not respond to growing consumer demand and awareness ESG issues. The regulator stated that consumers, industry participants and regulators, as well as media, are increasingly questioning the legitimacy of some of the supposedly green claims made by financial firms and companies. It stated that consumers should be able to trust firms to take ESG seriously, not ‘greenwash’, and to deliver on their ESG promises. The FCA announced that Sacha Sadan, its first director of ESG, had joined earlier this year to help it move its ESG work to a new phase. She was given the mandate to integrate ESG considerations into all its functions. According to the FCA, the refreshed strategy outlines a plan to achieve the ESG-related goals set out in its Business Plan 2022/22. It will also continue to evolve in response to changing circumstances. The FCA’s work is based upon five core themes. Transparency – promoting transparency on climate changes and wider sustainability along its value chain. Trust – building trust and integrity within ESG-labelled instruments and products. Transition – supporting financial institutions in delivering a market-led transition towards a more sustainable economy. Team – developing strategies and organisational structures to support the integration ESG into FCA activities. These are the most related links:
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Impact Investing Conference


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ESG Investing Conference