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ESG Enterprise and THG Energy Solutions announce partnership  EIN NewsESG Enterprise and THG Energy Solutions announce partnership  EIN NewsESG Enterprise and THG Energy Solutions announce partnership  EIN News

Impact Investing Conference

Impact Investing Forum 2022

London. April 28-29, 2022.

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ESG Enterprise Software SaaS Reporting platform. We are pleased to announce that ESG Enterprise has entered into a global partnership with THG Energy Intelligence Solutions. This partnership combines a world-class ESG platform with THG Energy Intelligence solutions. The ESG Enterprise-THG Enterprise Solutions partnership combines ESG Enterprise’s top Environmental, Social, and Governance software with THG Energy Solutions’ automated, best in class multi-commodity utility data processor service. To manage carbon emissions, THG follows the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and reporting Standard (“Corporate Standard”) Clients can automate enterprise carbon accounting regardless of the standard or framework used by them. The ESG Enterprise-THG Enterprise Solutions partnership is a powerful combination. THG’s expertise in complex energy emissions calculations, billing processing, and energy intelligence expertise are unique and complementary to the ESG Enterprise ESG reporting process and data collection. Alan Lee, President of ESG Enterprise, stated that this integration allows us to integrate GHG emissions data into the platform for faster, more accurate carbon reporting. “With over 500 subscribers to ESG Enterprise and major clients in energy and capital markets, this partnership allows us to drive far greater sustainability and ESG impact to our clients.” Chad Burden (THG Energy Solutions Vice President for Sustainability), said that ESG Enterprise gives our clients access to ESG reporting expertise. This is beyond what THG can offer through its utility bill management platform. Our joint services and scale will enable our clients to unlock the full potential for ESG digital transformations.
The collaboration connects ESG Enterprise’s growing subscribers to THG’s next-generation technology expertise and ESG Enterprise. This is a significant step forward in how both businesses address the sustainability and low carbon market.

ESG Enterprise is a software, SaaS, and data analysis company that specializes in Environmental, Social, and Governance software. It helps businesses, NGOs, and governments to simplify their ESG journey using an integrated and Artificial Intelligence-driven platform. Organizations can now take control of their ESG performance by automating reporting and data collection, managing disruptions and reducing ESG risk.

THG is a technology innovator in the integration utility and commodity supplier data. THG also provides multi-source smart grid, smart meters, and device solutions. THG has made significant investments in creating the most efficient and effective process for gathering, reviewing and sharing utility data. This includes real-time, interval, and monthly data. THG currently serves customers across all 50 states and 25 countries and manages 250,000 accounts each month across +1300 different utilities.

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ESG Enterprise and THG Energy Solutions announce partnership  EIN News

Impact Investing Conference


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ESG Investing Conference