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AM Best offers insight into ESG rating  Royal GazetteAM Best offers insight into ESG rating  Royal Gazette

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London. Dec 05-06, 2023.

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AM Best has released a new commentary addressing frequently asked questions about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations for financial strength and application of ESG within the rating process.

The rating agency said the new commentary is being released in recognition of the belief that there is uncertainty surrounding what ESG entails, and what actions or disclosures are expected from insurance and reinsurance companies.

The company is communicating how it views ESG factors in the context of insurance credit ratings to provide greater transparency to the market.

As a result, AM Best has developed an FAQ document to help provide additional background and context, and, added an ESG section to Best’s Credit Reports under Enterprise Risk Management.

Matthew C. Mosher, president and CEO of AM Best Rating Services, stated: “AM Best has always considered ESG risks in our credit rating analysis, when they were material and relevant to financial strength.”

In 2018, methodology was updated to identify factors within the ratings process that are considered ESG factors and how these may impact any one of the building blocks used to determine our credit ratings.

Mosher added: “The discussion of ESG factors in our methodology allows us to be more transparent as to how these risks impact our consideration of an insurer’s financial strength.

“The impact of ESG factors on financial strength varies depending on a company’s profile, exposures and level of risk transfer, as well as the markets in which it operates.”

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AM Best will also host an ESG briefing December 1.

AM Best: ESG rating insight

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ESG Investing Conference

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