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Cloopen Released its First Environmental, Social and Governance Report (“ESG Report”) PRNewswireCloopen Released its First Environmental, Social and Governance Report (“ESG Report”) PRNewswire

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BEIJING, December 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ Cloopen (“Cloopen”) (NYSE: RAAS), a top multi-capability cloud-based communication solution provider in China, published its Environmental, Social and Governance Report for 2020 and the First Half 2021 (hereinafter referred as the “ESG Report” and the “Report”). Cloopen’s first social responsibility report has been released according to the ESG disclosure standard. It also discloses the first systematic disclosures of environmental, social, and governance aspects. The Cloopen achievements in business ethics, product responsibility, innovation, privacy, information security, green and low-carbon, anti-epidemic AI and charity, as well as the importance of Cloopen’s measures and achievements, were clearly and comprehensively documented in the report. Cloopen’s founder and CEO, Mr. Changxun Sun, stated in the report that: “We believe that enterprises have the responsibility of contributing to society and being a good corporate citizen.” We are confident that the world will improve if we all work together. Always pursue technical benefits for everyone and maintain “warm communications” According to ESG Report Cloopen has always upheld the “combining high efficiency and humanity” product technology principle. It also promoted technological innovation and inclusive benefits. Cloopen is the pioneer of China’s Communication+AI. It helps enterprises bring out the value of each employee while using AI technology for the advancement of enterprise communication industry. Cloopen’s products include a smart virtual banking counter and an intelligent voice robot. It also offers intelligent training robots and intelligent agent assistants. This transforms the traditional mode for large customer service teams into “artificial intelligence+small team”. This helps finance, government affairs, and other industries move from offline to remote human-computer cooperation. It promotes the iterative upgrade, cost reduction, efficiency increase, and efficiency enhancement of enterprise contact centres. It also empowers enterprises and their employees more possibilities regarding capacity building and allows them to share in the benefits of AI technology under the industrial Internet wave. Cloopen is more than just empowering employees and enterprises. It also gives back to society with professional abilities. Cloopen has been actively involved in public welfare undertakings since the 2020 outbreak of Covid-19. This includes cooperating with charitable funds and providing solutions for the government and medical organizations as well as enterprises and social welfare organizations. Cloopen’s 7Moor Omnichannel Intelligent Customer Service System allows approximately 11 million people in Sichuan to apply for “health code”, the AI Epidemic Prevention Robot assists Yangzhou epidemic prevention headquarters to create “life channel”, and Video Customer Service guarantees online consultation at Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Cloopen continues its long-term partnership with Smile Angel Foundation. It provides it with free call centre platform services and helps it to set up a stable and standard call center to better serve the people in need. Cloopen is committed to data security and consolidation of information security protection. As an enterprise that provides advanced digital services, including cloud computing and big data, Cloopen actively works to reduce the information security infrastructure. It strictly adheres to the People’s Republic of China’s data security laws and regulations and has established a number of information management regulations. It also clearly outlines the obligations of data privacy confidentiality and data protection in agreements with customers. This is done to standardize data security management across platforms and ensure safe operation of the system. Cloopen promotes the continuous improvement of information security management. It also supports the protection of intellectual rights and emergency response measures. Cloopen continuously improves the information security awareness of all employees and helps to build the industry’s information security infrastructure. Cloopen places privacy protection and product development at the top of its priorities. Privacy enhancement technology, access control, encryption mechanism, and access control actively protect users’ privacy while preventing personal information infringement. The “virtual intermediary number” is an example of this. Virtual numbers are assigned to users and companies, while real numbers are hidden. This allows for privacy protection for both parties in vast O2O scenarios. The “smart virtual bank counter” achieves the financial security protection effect, which meets all regulatory requirements. Cloopen’s “Intelligent Voice Robot”, which was launched in 2020, received the first batch “Trusted AI” certification from China Information and Communication Research Institute and China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance. This certifies that the product meets nearly 20 indicators, including system security, maturity and stability, data subject privacy protection, product demand diversification and comprehensive training data, and algorithm fairness. Enterprises can now use AI with confidence. Cloopen believes in the principle of people-oriented development and has built a pluralistic, inclusive workplace. Cloopen has always been people-oriented and treated employees well. It also promoted the talent strategy and fully considered the diversity and equal opportunities of employees. It has strengthened the talent team and continuously improved the welfare system and care measures. This has also supported the employee’s growth. In the report, Mr. Changxun Sun stated that enterprises should always put people first and advocate ‘Cloopen Familie’. We insisted on no scale layoffs or reductions in the salaries or benefits of general employees at the beginning of 2020 when the epidemic situation was the most severe and the business was facing the greatest difficulties. We will continue to increase the number of employees from 2020 to 2021; we will also improve employee benefits like medical examinations and commercial medical insurance. We will also re-leave and renovate higher-quality office buildings in order to welcome back more 100 employees who live in Wuhan. Cloopen is committed to being green and low-carbon and constructing a business philosophy of sustainable growth. Cloopen is a corporate citizen and is aware of its environmental responsibilities. Cloopen actively supports the national concept for sustainable development, vigorously promotes green offices initiatives, strictly controls the release of various pollutants, and improves energy resource use to complete the business philosophy of sustainable growth of enterprises. Cloopen’s “green product”, AI Vision Smart Community and Park Solution, detects the environment using computer image vision analysis technology. It can detect flame and smoke, liquid and gas leakage detection, water accumulation detection, green belt supervision, garbage placement detection and more. It will notify the community immediately if there is an emergency or irregularity. This aids in the maintenance of the park and garbage supervision and helps to build a beautiful home. Cloopen, which was established in 2013, has been actively practicing its social responsibility. It insists on promoting the coordinated and sustained development of enterprises and the environment in an overall manner. It also fully supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and promotes SDG10 (Reduced inequalities), SDG11(Sustainable Cities and Communities), SDG12(Responsible Consumption and Production) and SDG17 (Partnerships for the Goals), under the guidance of the earth, achieving prosperity for all. Contact Cloopen Group Holding Limited
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