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Nakilat publishes inaugural ESG report LNG IndustryNakilat publishes inaugural ESG report LNG Industry

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Nakilat announced the publication its first Environmental, Social, and Governance Report 2020. The report provides a snapshot of Nakilat’s ESG progress over the period 1 January to 31 Dec 2020. It also examines important areas such as safety, climate change, health, and human capital management. This includes diversity, equity, inclusion, and governance practices. The report also highlights the company’s ongoing commitment and vision to enabling sustainable growth in communities all over the globe.
This report is the result of two years of concerted effort by the company to create a world-class reporting platform that accurately reflects the company’s corporate governance, environmental, and social, as well as its commitment to transparency towards all stakeholders. Nakilat created a detailed plan and established an executive committee that included senior management to oversee and manage the company’s ESG reporting strategy. Management made every effort to allocate resources and provide the necessary support for the preparation and publication of the report. This included periodic reviews of activities and information related the reporting method.
Nakilat’s ESG Report, which includes important environmental data about gas emissions from company fleet operations, demonstrates to all stakeholders that the company is committed to finding solutions to carbon emissions in the transport sector, in accordance with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) directives. Along with the expansions of Nakilat’s joint ventures (shipping or non-shipping), the company has been able to implement an integrated environmental approach within its group companies. It encourages its partners to collaborate to create a sustainable environment.
Eng., Nakilat’s Chief executive officer. Abdullah Al-Sulaiti stated: “Nakilat has one of the largest LNG shipping fleets. We are purpose driven to ensure we operate in a sustainable way while fulfilling our role of a global transporter and employer of choice. We have maintained a high safety record over the 15 years of our operations and have invested heavily in technology to reduce our environmental footprint. We have created a safe and fair work environment that promotes diversity and professional growth for both our seafarers and shore employees.
Al Sulaiti said that the ESG strategy was carefully developed to align with the goals set forth by the United National Sustainable Development Goals and Qatar National Vision 2030. The company’s transparent and responsible operations are enhanced by the launch of its 2020 ESG report. The report outlines the many ways we enable sustainable growth across our operations in order to positively impact our community, our people, and the environment while creating value for shareholders and our stakeholders.”
The 2020 ESG Report of Nakilat was prepared in accordance to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards: Core option. It is also aligned with other frameworks and standards such as the UN Global Compact (UNGC), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and Poseidon Principles. Ernst & Young (E&Y) has provided limited assurance under ISAE 3000 (Revised).
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Impact Investing Conference

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ESG Investing Conference

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