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Enstor Gas Inc. Releases Inaugural ESG Report Business WireEnstor Gas Inc. Releases Inaugural ESG Report Business Wire

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London. April 24-25, 2023.

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HOUSTON—-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Enstor Gas, LLC (“Enstor”), America’s largest privately-owned gas storage company, today released its first ESG Report. The report details the company’s environmental and social governance (ESG), performance in 2020. It also includes specific metrics for each category. Paul Bieniawski, Enstor CEO, stated that Enstor’s goal is to create and sustain long-term sustainability and value. This includes all stakeholders, including investors and employees. “We strive to be responsible operators in all we do, including our dedication and support for the communities we serve, as well as our commitment to safe, responsible, socially and environmental responsible operations that protect the health and well-being our employees, the public and the environment. You can find highlights of the report here. Enstor stakeholders can request the full report by emailing About Enstor Gas, LLC Enstor Gas, the largest privately-owned natural gas storage company in America, is Enstor Gas. The company is headquartered in Houston and has seven active underground natural gas storage units in five states. It has more than 134 BCF of working gas capacity. Enstor owns approximately 179 miles worth of transmission pipelines, and 39 interconnects with major transmission pipelines. ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC, is a leading private equity firm that invests in North American energy infrastructure. Enstor is backed. Visit for more information.

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