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Phaeton Announces ESG Bond Exchange to Power Its Green Environmental Goals. bitcoinist.comPhaeton Announces ESG Bond Exchange to Power Its Green Environmental Goals. bitcoinist.comPhaeton Announces ESG Bond Exchange to Power Its Green Environmental Goals.

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London. April 24-25, 2023.

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Phaeton ESG Bond Exchange powered with blockchain technology was launched by the decentralised ledger system Phaeton. Phaeton’s core philosophy of using its technology for positive social impact is reflected in the launch of its Environmental, Social, and Governance Bond. Phaeton plans to enter the already saturated DeFi market by offering a new use case. Phaeton’s ESG Bonds will be able to serve a new market segment, unlike other DeFi protocols that offer different payment options, such as borrowing and lending. Phaeton ESG Bonds from Phaeton will finance its projects such as its Green Modular Data Centres and Smarter Housing. The Phaeton ESG bond exchange will be available to the public and all governments around the world, making it a diverse asset offering. Phaeton is banking upon bond market stability as both buyers and issuers play a critical role in financial stability. The bond market is far more stable than the stock market when it experiences a correction. Phaeton hopes to tap into the expanding ESG bonds market. The growth of Green Bonds is one model that has received a lot of attention. Lately, corporate issuers have sought innovative ways to access the now burgeoning ESG-conscious capital market with new bond trading models such as transition bonds and sustainability-linked bonds. The arrival of COVID-19 has created a need for both governments and businesses to reduce social risks. This has resulted in the rapid growth of social bonds, which began in 2020. How can Phaeton’s ESG Bond benefit Investors The corporate bond market is fragmented, opaque, and illiquid. Only 26% of the $41 trillion US corporate bonds can be traded electronically at present. The lack of standardization and modern technology in these primary markets has a major impact on secondary markets. Information asymmetry, inefficient pricing and long settlement times are just a few of the factors that can slow down efficiency and increase costs in secondary markets. Phaeton’s blockchain technology has many advantages over the traditional Bond Marketplace. Phaeton Blockchain Bonds are more efficient. The process of issuing a blockchain bond is much simpler and more efficient. The process of moving bonds into the secondary market is much simpler. Investors can buy and sell their “bond tokens”, like bitcoin, directly from the blockchain. Phaeton Blockchain Bonds are transparent: All information about issued bonds is stored on the Blockchain. This transparency brings transparency to an otherwise closed system. This transparency improves bond ratings, which were previously criticized for being closed systems. Phaeton Blockchain bonds have a higher trust rating: Blockchain’s unique advantage is transparency and immutability of transactions. This gives rise to a higher level in trust. With Phaeton’s own distributed ledger tech (DLT), all data can be accessed by all parties and replicated across a network with their Blockchain linked computers. The Phaeton Blockchain eliminates the middlemen: Its Blockchain creates trust between stakeholders, effectively eliminating intermediaries. Additionally, Phaeton’s smart contracts include all the information necessary to streamline the trading process. This makes it less complicated, more cost-efficient, and safer. Bond Size and Liquidity. Traditional bonds are expensive to trade, which means that smaller investors are excluded. This leads to a lack of liquidity. With Phaeton’s tokenization technology, bonds can easily be fractionalized into smaller increments as low as $100.00. This allows smaller investors to participate and increases liquidity in secondary markets. Lower Issuing Cost: Phaeton’s high efficiency level allows for cost reduction due to the decreased number of intermediaries involved with the bond process. It facilitates immediate distribution via smart contracts and minimizes reconciliation activities (e.g. cryptographic signatures eliminate the need for antifraud or error checking). It also reduces settlement times by reducing the usual 2-3 day settlement period to only seconds. Corporations are unable to obtain cost-efficient capital due to the high cost of issuance. Today’s bond market is comprised of many intermediary parties, such as issuers and underwriters, transfer agents and payment agents, registration agents broker-dealers/investment banks, auditors, rating agents, rating agencies, and registration agents. This traditional, expensive method of intermediaries increases the cost of a bond issue. Phaeton’s Blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries as they are no more required by its proprietary Blockchain. Phaeton: Delivers 100% Green Infrastructure. Phaeton blockchain is significantly better than other counterparts, making it a truly web 3.0 protocol that has been planned for the future. The Phaeton ecosystem offers users access to a global decentralised market. The unique system of Side Chains allows for the development of independent apps, which facilitates customisation, infinite scaling, and a significant departure from high network charges. This provides many previously unobtainable and highly desired benefits to users. Phaeton’s protocol is cost-effective, fast, convenient, secure (military grade encryption), and seamless for all parties. Phaeton’s technology is used to make a positive impact on society. This core value is applied to all Phaeton projects. All projects must have a positive impact on society. Phaeton’s Incubator Platform for Social Impact Enterprises was created to achieve this goal. Phaeton has also initiated its own projects, all under the motto “Action Yields results”. Team Phaeton, for instance, is working on affordable housing and renewable energy, carbon credits and health and wellness. These are built on Phaeton’s 100% green infrastructure. Phaeton’s Green Infrastructure: Designed to support products built on its own Blockchain. The first round of IEO continues! Grab some PHAE now P2pb2b:
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