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Nouveau Monde Graphite Releases Inaugural ESG Report – Key Focus on Environmental Excellence and Sustainability  Junior Mining NetworkNouveau Monde Graphite Releases Inaugural ESG Report – Key Focus on Environmental Excellence and Sustainability  Junior Mining Network

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MONTREAL / October 14, 2021 / BusinessWire / Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. (“Nouveau Monde”) (NYSE: NMG, TSXV; NOU) has published its inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) report to reveal its management approach to addressing material issues and highlight important sustainability milestones and indicators. This press release contains multimedia. View the full release here:
Nouveau Monde has integrated ESG principles into its business model, along with carbon-neutral operations. It also tracks its value chain. Through extensive stakeholder engagement, pioneering design choices to preserve the environment, sustainability was a key component of the Matawinie project’s development. This was carried over to the engineering of Becancour’s battery materials plant. The ESG Report of the Company details key initiatives in this area, including:
+ All-electric open pit mine and processing facilities supported by clean hydropower
+ Proactive land management through innovative and safe codisposal tailings processes and ongoing backfilling during mining operations
+ Collaboration and benefit sharing agreement with local communities for job creation and skills training.
+ Our in-house R&D team and partnership with world-class research centres and industry coalitions to stay at the forefront of battery advances
+ A proprietary anode material purification ecotechnology to decrease energy and harmful chemical use
Arne H. Frandsen, Chairman, Nouveau Monde commented: “Battery mineral extraction and value-added conversion must be done on a zero-harm basis. Nouveau Monde’s business strategy is based on best-of-class ESG principles. We are committed to protecting the environment that created our unique graphite-anode raw materials. We adhere to our Zero-Harm policy and strive to be a catalyst for growth and shared benefit for the people and the environment where we live. As a team, we develop what is expected to be the largest anode quality graphite operations in the Western World. This operation supports the electrification and storage of renewable energy as well as mobility.
The inaugural ESG Report of Nouveau Monde provides an overview about the Company’s historic and current commitments, anchor initiatives and footprint, with a view towards contributing to global sustainability goals. Nouveau Monde strives for greater sustainability throughout its value chain, from advanced manufacturing and mining to electric vehicles and storage.
Eric Desaulniers is the founder, president, and CEO at Nouveau Monde. He said: “Today we are bringing to life our ESG achievements, and setting the tone of our growth. We are committed to executing the business plan responsibly in order to fulfill our commitments to shareholders, customers, stakeholders, and shareholders. We invite competitors and leaders from all sectors of society to join us in our efforts for sustainability. We can multiply the impact of our actions towards a decarbonized future by innovation and collaboration.
The Company aligned its disclosure to internationally recognized frameworks, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) and the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) The Company will engage in this transparency exercise and accountability each year to provide its stakeholders and shareholders with comprehensive data on its governance, environmental, and social performance. Nouveau Monde will also seek an independent assessment and rating of its practices in order to supplement this disclosure.
About Nouveau Monde
Nouveau Monde is determined to be a major contributor to the sustainable energy revolution. The Company is developing a fully integrated source for carbon-neutral anode material for lithium-ion and fuel cells in Quebec, Canada. Nouveau Monde is a low-cost supplier that adheres to ESG standards and provides high-performing, reliable advanced materials. It also promotes sustainability and traceability in the supply chain.
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Cautionary Note Concerning Forward-Looking Information
All statements in this press release, except statements of historical fact are forward-looking statements. These statements include statements that describe the Company’s sustainability goals and commitments, the Company’s commitments to our Zero-Harm philosophy and the Company’s contribution to growth. Statements which are discussed under “About Nouveau Monde” and elsewhere in the press releases which essentially describe the Company’s outlook and objectives, are “forward-looking information” and “forward looking statements” within certain securities laws. They are based upon expectations, estimates, projections and projections at the press release. Forward-looking statements are based on a variety of assumptions and estimates that, while considered reasonable by Company at the time of such statements were made, are subject to significant business, competitive, and other uncertainties. These assumptions and estimates may prove incorrect. These forward-looking statements are based on a variety of factors and assumptions including current technological trends, business relationships between the Company, its stakeholders, the ability and ability to operate in an efficient and safe manner, timely delivery and installation equipment supporting the production, Company’s business prospects, opportunities, and estimates of the equipment’s operational performance. They do not guarantee future performance.
Forward-looking statements and information are subject to unknown risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from what is anticipated or implied by the statements and forward-looking information. There are many factors that could cause actual results to differ materially to current expectations, including delays in equipment delivery, the Company’s ability to successfully implement its strategic initiative and whether such initiatives yield the expected benefits, the availability or financing on favorable terms for Company, the Company’s operating performance, competitive factors in graphite mining, and production industry, changes to laws and regulations affecting Company’s businesses, political, social acceptability risk and environmental regulation risk, changes in laws and policies affecting Company’s businesses, earnings, capital expenditure, capital structure risk Forward-looking statements could also be affected by unpredicted or unknown factors that are not covered in this Cautionary Note.
Many of these uncertainties or contingencies could directly or indirectly impact, and cause, actual results to differ materially than those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are not guaranteed to be accurate as future results and events may differ materially from what is anticipated. Forward-looking statements are made to inform about management’s future plans and expectations. The Company disclaims any obligation to update or revise forward-looking statements. It also disclaims any responsibility to explain any material differences between actual events and such forward looking statements, except as required by law.
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange or its Regulation Services Provider (as defined in the policies by the TSX Venture Exchange), accepts responsibility for this release’s accuracy or adequacy.
Additional information about the Company can be found in the SEDAR database (, for United States readers, on EDGAR(, as well as on the Company’s site at

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