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Dealscribe launches groundbreaking trading rule and ESG scores for collateralized loan obligations  EIN NewsRead More

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London. Dec 05-06, 2023.

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Dealscribe has created a number of unique metrics that allow investors in CLOs quickly compare deals in terms their management flexibility LONDON (UNITED KINGDOM), October 18, 2021 / — Dealscribe is a technology-enabled firm that translates complex transaction documents into data. It has now launched a number of metrics that allow investors in collateralized loans obligations (CLOs), to quickly compare deals based on their management flexibility. The company’s website now has a score that ranges from 0-5 for key areas of CLOs rules such as collateral and post-reinvestment cashflows. These scores are combined to create a score for each CLO. This score is known as a D Score. The higher the score, greater the manager’s control over how the portfolio is managed. Each deal also has its own score for governance, environmental, and social risks. Each deal is assigned a score for environmental, social, and governance risks. These scores are being released in beta mode and should be of use to both CLO equity investors who want to maximize returns and CLO lenders who want to protect their capital. Dealscribe is a CLO industry leader based in London and New York. It was founded in 2020. Following its commercial launch in April, the service is being rapidly adopted by CLO market participants on both the sell side and buy side.https://dealscribe.comContact details: contact@dealscribe.comMike Peterson
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ESG Investing Conference

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