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Impact Investing Conference

ESG Investing

Eric Sturdza Investments drops UK boutique for French ESG strategy citywireselector.comEric Sturdza Investments drops UK boutique for French ESG strategy citywireselector.comEric Sturdza Investments drops UK boutique for French ESG strategy

Impact Investing Conference

Impact Investing Forum 2023

London. Dec 05-06, 2023.

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Eric Sturdza Investments selected Phileas Asset Management, a Paris-based investment advisor, for its Strategic Europe Quality fund. Phileas, a boutique firm that specializes in European equities, was founded in 2010 by Cyril Bertrand and Ludovic Labal, both Citywire +rated managers. Starting in November 2021, Labal and Bertrand will manage the Strategic Europe Quality fund’s investment strategy and management. The fund is currently managed and managed by Lofoten Asset Management’s Investment Team, headed by Willem Vinke. He will be retiring from the strategy after 11 year. Sturdza’s Strategic Europe Quality Fund returned 19.5%, compared to an average 41.9% for Citywire’s Equity-Europe Growth sector. Eric Sturdza Investments managing Director Andrew Fish said that the appointment represents an evolution in the flagship European equity strategy’s positioning within the market. They retain the overall strategy and approach of investing while integrating a robust, forward-looking approach towards ESG throughout their investment process. “We would like to thank Willem Vinke, his Lofoten team, for their dedication, dedication and service over the last 11 years. The ESG policy and exclusion lists of Eric Sturdza Investments will be followed by the fund. Phileas will also be applied. The team closely monitors specific ESG factors that they believe have a lasting effect on a company’s value. These include Environment: Decarbonisation and pollution & Waste
Social: Human capital, customer/supplier relations, product impact

Governance: Alignment and independence of the board, business ethics, and risk management Phileas launched its long only equity strategy Phileas Equity Europe (2015, return of 35.7% in euros) in 2015. Over the same period, Citywire’s Europe Blend sector returned an average of 21.8%. Phileas will continue to manage the fund’s existing pan-European equity portfolio. He will also implement a fundamental, bottom up investment approach across a portfolio that includes 30-40 stocks. Labal stated that investors are changing and that they look forward to integrating their robust ESG approach into this fund. This will allow for strong returns to its investors, as well as maintaining the strong returns that the Strategic Europe Quality fund has delivered in the past. This story is shared

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Impact Investing Conference


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ESG Investing Conference

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