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ESG- What is it and what is it expected to do? Hernando Sun

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Today all public companies are participating in the (Environmental Social Governance) ESG rating system which is based on how well the company implements ESG standards. Those companies that have a high ESG score are rewarded with new business while those with low ESG scores are supposed to lose investment opportunities. The ESG system was devised before Barack Obama’s presidency although his administration adopted it for the economy. ESG replaced the SRT: Socially Responsible Investment program.

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The ESG is a measure of how “woke” a company is in today’s political world. The environmental standards are based on “going green” by 2050 according to Larry Fink, the CEO of the largest financial company, Black Rock. This means any company that follows strict climate policies for a clean earth and renewable energies, will receive a higher rating than those who do not.

The social element of an ESG score rates companies on their social policy and their political agenda. Companies that advocate for “social responsibility in the world” obtain higher ESG ratings. Companies with affirmative action, gender rights, racial justice, and equity programs are in line with ESG standards. Their scores will be elevated for being woke in these socially responsible areas.

The G for Governance rates how the corporation is being governed in deference to other stakeholders instead of shareholders. A return on investment for the owners of the company is no longer important. Diversity in leadership is also considered.

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ESG is the backdoor method to rule the world by corporations instead of by national governments. Pension funds and investment companies will be able to reward companies with expanded financing and punish companies for ignoring the ESG mandates by devaluing their stock and limiting their access to capital. Facebook’s ESG rating was lowered because Facebook did not significantly censor the “wrong” opinions.

Their ESG score was restored only after increasing punishments (Facebook jail and lifetime bans) for the expression of “wrong” opinions. ESG requirements aim to change the world order.

The ESG bypasses the national government’s democratic decision-making process to redistribute resources and wealth to achieve a supposedly utopian world. This Global Reset is a plan to enforce socialism-communism in the world through private companies rather than each national government agreeing to relinquish its autonomy. This scheme is a sophisticated one planned by some of the wealthiest and most powerful elites worldwide. The elimination of competing nations allows these self-appointed leaders of a globalist government to establish better manipulation and more uniform control of the citizens. Their long-range plan hinges on the gimmick of an ESG score.

A low ESG score means capitalist corporations should be shunned by large investors while a high ESG score will receive economic wealth and power while complying with the standards of the global government. However, the ESG level compiled by so-called experts (Reuters, Bloomberg for example) do not agree with other experts using the same ESG matrix. The ESG score is disingenuous since a high ESG rating does not monetarily outperform a low ESG rating. This demonstrates ESG standards are arbitrary merely to gain support for their world agenda.

The ESG score in essence is the end of shareholders’ capitalism and the beginning of corporate stakeholders’ tyranny. If it succeeds, capitalism will cease to be. However, the ESG movement will lose shareholders’ significant profits, but by climate activists weaponizing finances, they will “save the planet” through more effective climate regulations. The winner will be the globalist’s power while disregarding the most legitimate element of capitalism, the investor’s profit.

This profit motive in the ESG scheme has been erased in the equation without the knowledge of the 401K investor. Many of these investors are average to lower-income individuals scraping by to make ends meet and depend on their 401k funds. The money they receive from these funds would be minuscule to many investors but makes a big difference to elderly small investors to meet daily expenses. The utmost fiduciary responsibility of an investment firm is required by law to make a profit for the investor. The ESG ignores the right of the shareholder to earn the largest profit they can. ESG replaces profit with an illegal tactic based on a nebulous stakeholder’s interest.

Profit for the “customer investor” according to the oligarchy should not be included in the ESG formula. The environmental and social impact it has on all the people, stakeholders, should govern the monetary decisions not capitalistic profit. However, it is their primary financial investment, paying for these changes. This is illegal redistribution of the money without the individual’s approval to change the contract they signed.

Environmental Social Governance is an intentional, camouflaged and convoluted scheme to end capitalism while using corporate funding power to establish a new world order. A multibillion-dollar oligarchy will make the decisions to transform the world into a communist one, without competing nations.

It will not be a utopian one-world-government; it will be a dictatorship of woke authoritarianism.


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