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EDM Council Publishes Study for Managing Challenges of ESG Data For Rating Providers and Data Aggregators PRNewswireEDM Council Publishes Study for Managing Challenges of ESG Data For Rating Providers and Data Aggregators PRNewswireEDM Council Publishes Study for Managing Challenges of ESG Data For Rating Providers and Data Aggregators PRNewswire

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NEW YORK, January 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – EDM Council is a cross-industry trade organization for data management, analytics and data management. It has released its second report, “ESG data Management: Rating Providers & Data Aggregators”, which is the second in its ESG data research series. EDM Council’s ESG Data Workgroup developed the study, which examines the key challenges in the ESG data supply chains and provides recommendations for RPDAs. RPDAs allow firms to conduct research, ratings, assessments, comparisons, and other types of analysis on corporate performance relative to emerging ESG goals and targets. ESG RPDAs provide essential ESG products and services, but they also face their own data management and analytics challenges. This report outlines a six-step RPDA product distribution process. The ESG data challenges were then evaluated and prioritized. These steps were then used to identify 11 priority issues and make strategic and tactical recommendations.
Model Governance
Documenting data points to materiality
ESG Metric Effectiveness
Data Gaps
Version Control
Trends and changes in Source Data
Third-Party Data
Scenarios and Models
External Assurance of ESG Data
ESG Data Management Requirements
“ESG has become more prevalent, and so have the data management problems that Data Aggregators and Rating Providers have faced.” Eric Bigelsen is the EDM Council Head for Industry Engagement and Head the ESG Workgroup. “Our goal with our ESG research is simplify the ESG data supply chains and create a common framework within the entities can operate,” said Eric Bigelsen. We aim to provide more clarity and understanding in this rapidly changing sector, while also demonstrating the benefits ESG can bring to delivering sustainable outcomes. This EDM Council ESG Rating providers and Data Aggregators report contains the second installment of a series of research papers that details the results of a nine-month-long study on ESG data challenges. It follows the EDM Council’s November 2021 release of its ESG Corporate Reporting Best Practices report.Through the collaboration of the ESG Workgroup, the research series incorporates input from data professionals across multiple industries, corporate sustainability reporting professionals, ESG subject matter experts, and other business leaders in an effort that spans over 80 participating organizations and over 150 professionals.For more information and to download the full EDM Council ESG Rating Providers and Data Aggregators report, please visit: EDM CouncilEDM Council is the global association created to elevate the practice of data management and analytics as a business and operational priority. The Council is the global leader in the development and implementation data standards, best practices, comprehensive training, and certification programs. EDM Council has 300 member organizations from Asia, EMEA, Americas and Europe. It also includes more than 10,000 data managers as members. This organization provides a forum for data professionals to communicate, collaborate and interact on the latest developments in data management and analysis as critical organizational functions. Visit for more information and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter. SOURCE EDM Council

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